This is the official website for Brook and Cook Studios, an independent production company co-founded by William Brook and Gustav Cook.


“Jacob” William J.M. Brook is a filmmaker and writer. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of Brook and Cook Studios, the production company which is in the process of creating “The King’s Drink,” a fantasy feature film Brook germinated, is directing, and has written (and rewritten) the script for. He is also the founder of White Rose Films. https://whiterosefilms.wordpress.com/about/

Currently he is starring as Cameraman in the web series Smile for the Camera, which he is a co-creator and executive producer of.



Gustav Cook is a co-founder and studio executive of Brook and Cook Studios, and is the Supervising Writer for the Fake News Network, stars as Melvin in “Smile for the Camera”  and is the director of that film as well. He will also play a role in The King’s Drink



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